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Forbidden: Excerpts from my WIP

Finally, I pause near another table. The table is not what pulled me over, there is a crystal vase, with blue and gold colors floating in its visage. I can almost see the water calling out to me to drink. My mind subconsciously tells me there is no water, but suddenly I feel so thirsty.

            Just one little drink, it is still so hot in here. Sweat is collecting under my heavy hair and slipping down the back of the dress. From far away, I hear a voice.

            “Amy… Amy… Amy…” But it starts to fade away even more. All I can hear is the rush of an ocean’s wave and the heat upon my own tongue. I reach out my hand and I am so close to picking up the vase when I am pulled away roughly by large arms. I am awakened from the stupor with a large SNAP against my being.

            The electric shock from the touch of Damien was the audible snap I felt in my body. I look up to him, and I swear I see lighting zip across our bodies where they touch. He is looking at me with such heat. I cannot tell if we are creating the steam, or if I am still imagining the heat and the thirst from the crystal vase. He looks at me for another moment, but I see the transition on his face from hunger to anger.

            “Don’t you listen? Am I just talking to an idiot?” He shakes me like an errant child, and I get angry.

            “Take your hands off of me!” I start to shout. “I swear to God I will beat the living shit out of you!” He laughs sardonically.

            “God will not help you,” he releases me with contempt and walks away even faster. At his pace, I find I am partially walking, partially running to keep up with him.



On a side note: I waver back and forth between having romance between them, or just really hot sex. Any suggestions? I really don’t want to actually write a romance novel, I just feel like the feeling between them is inevitable and I am trying to decide which route to take… 


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